Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bin & Jia Burger

We decided to make burgers for our dinner tonight. Just very simple ingredients but filling and yummy meal..

- Ready made burger bread;
- Frozen burger meat patty;
- Lettuce;
- Tomatoes;
- Eggs;
- Mushrooms
- Kraft cheese;
- Tartar sauce (optional)

1. Cut the burger bread into half horizontally. Our cutting skills wasn't that great and we ended up spoiling a burger bread. Lucky we got extra burger bread. Heehee.

2. Pan fry the meat patty. While my hubby was frying the meat patty, I put the burger bread in the microwave for 1 minute on low heat to warm the bread a little.

3. Okay, start stacking the burger now! First layer, I put some lettuce. Then, the fried meat patty. Third layer, a slice of cheese.

4. Then, waiting for my hubby to stir fry some mushrooms and it's done in like 5 minutes. Opps! He said he forgot to put salt and pepper to taste. Okay, never mind. Anyway, spread the mushrooms on the cheese layer.

5. Then, me waiting again for my hubby to fry the eggs. The eggs should be fried until the yolk is no longer in liquid form. Otherwise, it will be quite messy when eating the burger. Okay, eggs done. Put the fried egg on the mushrooms layer, then spread some tartar sauce. Finally, a slice of tomato and it's done!

Our final product.. Not too bad la hor? ^-^

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