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My first branded bag!

I am staying in Italy, where all the big brands are selling significantly cheaper than Singapore. So how could I not buy any bags to pamper myself right?

After shopping at a number of outlets and boutiques, I realized, the price is still herm erm.. quite steep for my standard. Hahaha. Because previously, I was a "giam giam" girl who bought all my bags at Bugis Village, so all of my bags cost less than S$30. Okay, not all. I have 2 bags which I bought in USA, Coach and Juicy Couture, but they were also less than S$250.

Luckily, I have a cute and nice hubby who decided to buy a bag for me as my birthday present. Muacks! But I am also a very nice and thoughtful wife who wanna help my hubby save money, so I searched high and low for a pretty, nice, good to use and not-so-expensive bag.

I've came across a few bags which I really liked..

Dior Soft shopping bag (Powder Pink). I love the color and the skin is really soft and nice to touch. It's also practical as it's quite big and I could easily throw my stuff in and carry it around. But it was too expensive. As a thoughtful wife, I shouldn't 'carrot chop' my hubby so much. So I give it up :'(

There's another similar Dior shopping bag, Dior Panarea shopping bag (Red). It's half the price of Dior Soft but it's not leather. It's canvas. I like the bright red color and the shape of the bag, similar to Dior Soft's shape ma. But the thing that was holding me back: "Spend so much money to get canvas bag like 'bo hua' leh."

Another bag that I was looking at was LV Neverfull bag. Again, it's a canvas bag and I felt "bo hua", even though it's already 150 Euros cheaper than Dior Panarea.

Another bag that I keep aiming but I know I just say say nia is Chanel Classic Flap bag (pink). I love the sweetie pink color and Chanel classic flap design is just so CLASSIC! Hahaha. I think it has the power of making me look more elegant and feminine when I carry it, and i heard Chanel bags actually appreciate in value instead of depreciate. Am I right? Ohh.. It's so tempting. Okay, just saying and dreaming only lah, it's way too expensive for my standard. I hope I'll win some lottery or jack pot hahahaha.

In the end, my final choice is Ta-Da! Prada! Bought this bag at The Space Prada Outlet. I love the bright red color, love the pattern and the shape of the bag, love that it's not so expensive and it's leather! It's just what I'm looking for! Oh yes, I bought a pair of Prada sunglasses too! Heehee..

I think The Space is a must go for Prada fans if you are in Italy. It's big and sells all sort of Prada fashion, from sunglasses, to clothes, shoes and bags, there're also some Miu Miu bags and they're really good deals. But of course, you can't find the newest collection at The Space as those are only available in Prada boutiques. The Space sells older collections of Prada products and only a few of each item are displayed. The staff will tell you that everything is on the rack. So when you see something you really like, just grab it before it's gone! I hold on to this bag for an hour while I looked around at other bags before I confirmed on this bag. hahahaha.

Lastly, just some info on The Space. When you arrive, you gotta take a number slip at the entrance. Dun throw the number slip away! You gotta give the staff your number when you wanna confirm on an item that you're going to buy. Once you grab a bag that you like and you confirm that you are going to buy it, you can pass the bag to the staff and tell them your number, they'll keep the bag for you. You can continue shopping without taking the stuff that you are buying in your hands. Oh, one thing to highlight, the staff will stop you if you are carrying item(s) from one section to another. I was stopped from entering the sunglasses section when I was holding on to my Prada bag.

Address of The Space: Loc. Levanella, Strada Statele 69, 52025 Montevarchi, Italy
Website of The Space: The Space Prada Factory Outlet


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