Monday, 5 August 2013

A day at Stresa..

Stresa is a town on the shores of Lake Maggiore. We went there thinking that we would take a nice stroll along the lakeside and enjoy the amazing views of the lake and also the 3 nearby islands (the Borromean Islands) which I heard is a must-go when in Stresa.

No doubt there're beautiful lakeside views when we were there but it's a super hot and sunny day. Too hot and sunny that we didn't really feel like walking, and we decided to chill at the first cafe we saw just beside the lake. -.-'''

We spent quite some time at the cafe because we totally dun feel like walking. Hahaha.. But there're still some photos of the views lah..

That's one of the Borromean Island

People can actually walk down to the lakeside and swim in the lake..

Like this guy.. He's too strong, he's swimming against the current and was quite far away from the shore.. ^0^ 

Since it was so hot and we didn't felt like walking, we gave the Borromean Islands a miss. Maybe we'll come back again next time when the weather is cooler. So, we chose to take the cable car up Mount Mottarone to see really nice views.

Start of our cable car ride

The cable car we took 

Yeah.. Up we go..

And up..

Up somemore..

On Mount Mottarone

Chairlift to go to the summit of Mount Mottarone

On the summit of Mount Mottarone, there's this ride called the Alpyland. It's an adrenaline ride on the top of the mountains with great views. The experience was really awesome!!

I took a video while I was on the ride. Okay, I was quite noisy and I didn't really have the mood to admire the scenery as I was just busy screaming away. I know, it's dur! -.-'''

Last photo of the view on Mount Mottarone

 On the cable car back to Stresa

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