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Updates of the defects in my HDB flat

We reported to the HDB service centre that the shower head holder in our toilet has fell apart, and there's cracks on our walls again on Tuesday night.

We have a total of 9 cracks spread over our 3 bedrooms and 1 in the living room. All are long cracks which start from the base of the wall to the ceiling.

HDB sent people to come and fixed the shower head holder pretty fast. It's done in like 15 mins. They changed the top part of the stick, which is the broken part and it's nicely done now.

The defect which gives us headache is the cracks on the walls.

The worker will first scrap the surrounding of the cracks then fill it with putty, and smoothen it.

A few hours later, they will come again to apply a second layer.

As they need to wait for the putty to dry before they can paint the walls, they will come back again the next day. They used a sandpaper to smoothen the walls before painting it, this made our house super powdery and dirty.

That's not the worse part. We kept the paints left for us by our contractor in the bomb shelter, little did we know that heat and lack of ventilation will cause the paint to spoil. The paint gave off a rotten egg smell when we open the lid! Oh my god! It stinks so badly but the worker told us that the smell will go away after the paint dries up, and we believed him. But it didn't, it still stinks after a few hours. The paint is continuously giving out that disgusting smell. We seriously couldn't tolerate that kind of smell in our master bedroom and study room. Need to mention that the paint that we have is Nippon paint wo, not some unknown brand leh.

We told the worker that the smell is still there after a few hours and he put another layer of putty to cover the smell. He will come back another day to paint it after we have bought the new tins of the paint.

Our weekend is burnt like that because of the defects in our HDB flat. We are so pissed! If I had known it's so troublesome to fix the cracks in the walls, I'll rather live with the 10 cracks.


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