Monday, 4 August 2014

A letter to the neighbour who did lots of drilling works

To the neighbour above me:

You drill your house the whole day last last Saturday, half a day on last last Sunday. You drill again last Sunday, which was yesterday. For your information, on the Notice of Renovation, it clearly states that noisy renovation works are only allowed from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, but you happily drill during weekends.

I believe you did drilling works during the weekdays as well. Because today, which is a Monday, I'm sick and took MC, hoping to rest at home, but was disturbed by your drilling for the whole day (except for lunch time) again. I lost count of how many days of drilling have you done.

I am wondering is there really soooooooo many things to drill for your renovation? I am seriously wondering if you are renovating or demolishing your house.

I would really love to visit your house one day to see what kind of renovation you have done, which involves sooooooooo much drilling, because your renovation are done at the expense of us, your neighbour.

Irritated neighbour

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