Sunday, 10 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy today. I didn't pin high hopes on this movie as it wasn't advertised as big a blockbuster as the other Marvel movies like the Avengers, X-men, Iron man, Captain America, Thor etc. But it was a really nice movie!

There's some crappy sense of humor in between the stories but I don't find these humor trying too hard to please or sounds stupid, unlike some other... movies. In fact, the humor in Guardians of Galaxy blended well into the story and flowed really naturally.

Which character do I love most? No, not the main lead. I love Groot the most. Groot is a tree-like humanoid and it can only speak the words "I am Groot". It's so cute in the movie! It looked 'toot-toot', and did stupid things at certain times, but it's very kind. It can be powerful and useful when you need it to be and it's so heroic. It sacrificed itself to save its friends. Groot portrayed how nature and trees help and provide for humans in our daily lives.

At the end of the story, Rocket was so sad that Groot died and picked up the sticks of Groot to grow a 'small Groot". It's so cute!

Anyway, we think this movie helps to introduce the bad guy in the next Avengers movie, Thanos. So that the audience will know who Thanos is and how he comes into the picture.

My verdict? Of course it's a thumbs up for Guardians of the Galaxy! Glad that we watched it before it's taken off the screen.

I shall end this post with a super cutie baby Groot!

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