Sunday, 17 August 2014

Active Sunday which ended with "Blues"

Finally use the Activesg credit for the first time today!! The last time I went gym was like 4 years ago?!!

Even go gym also find the slackest machine to do lol...

But after the gym session, we decided to indulge......

We ordered curry vegetables, prawn omelette and fried chicken with salted egg sauce. We loved the curry vegetables and the chicken with salted egg sauce. Both are fattening but are so delicious. The curry sauce was really quite fragrant. We want to try the curry fish head next time! This stall is along Jalan Kayu, 267 Seafood Cafeteria. The food are generally quite nice!

Then... OMG! It's already 10pm when I got home. Sibei xian. I have pre-Monday blues liao. Seriously, I felt sad having to lead the repetitive life of "happy Fridays" and "Monday blues" every week. 

Can I ever find a job and environment that I like so that I wont dread going to work everyday? This should be many people's dream, but it's a dream that's so difficult to achieve. 

Haiz, I'm so emo now. Let me go cry in bed for tomorrow. 


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