Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happy National Day! And *Face Palm* to me and hubby..

Hihi Happy National Day to all!

Spent my National Day afternoon attending Ariel's 3 years old birthday party at The Duxton Hotel. The food was quite delicious especially the mushroom aglio olio pasta, the chicken mid wings and the tempura prawn. Hungry me and hubby only remembered to eat and totally forgot about taking pics of the food, the birthday decor and we didn't even take a picture with the birthday girl! Seriously *Face Palm*

The theme of the birthday party is on the movie "Frozen" as Ariel loves it. She was dolled up as Anna today! So cute and pretty princess! The cake they ordered was also decorated with characters in "Frozen". It's a rainbow cake! It looks so colourful and pretty and tasted delicious too! But ya, dun hit me. We forgot to take pics of the cake too! Argghhhh!!!

Okay, and after that we spent our day watching the National Day Parade at my parent's house. Hubby loves to watch the marching part of the National Day Parade, while I'm not that interested la, and started yawning away after a while.

So that pretty sums up my National Day.. Sounds boring without the pictures from the birthday party lor! *Face palm palm palm* x a million times!!!!!!!

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