Thursday, 24 November 2016

My first Op Experience

Holy Shit!

There's a lipoma on my left shoulder, and the MRI scan showed the size is 6.2cm x 5.8cm x 2.8xm. It's not small and the doctor suggested a surgery to remove it. I will be going under General Anesthesia (GA) as the lump is too big for me to go under Local Anesthesia.

This is the first time I'm going for an op and I am so so scared and don't know what to expect.

My operation was fixed on 21 Nov 2016 at 830am in the morning. The doctor told me that he put me as the first operating patient that day. It will be a day surgery and I was given a surgery booklet to read through to have a better understanding on what to expect.

According to the booklet, make-up, manicure, pedicure, contact lenses, fake eyelashes are not allowed on the day of the surgery. Surgery also cannot proceed if I am down with flu, cough or fever on the day of the surgery and I am not supposed to eat and drink from 12 midnight onwards the day before, not even plain water. The nurse called me one working day before to inform me the time to report to the hospital on the day of the surgery.

On 21 Nov 2016, I arrived at TTSH, Level 3 Day Surgery Center at 7am to prepare before the surgery. I slotted the surgery booklet envelop into the slot and waited for the nurse to call my name for registration.

At the registration counter, I made the payment and waited a while before a nurse brought me to a one bedder room to change and prepare. A card 'Day Surgery Ward' was hung on my bed, I was in Room 32, Bed 32.

I was asked to take off everything and changed into the disposable underwear and operation robe. I asked the nurse out of curiosity and understand that surgery can proceed even when it's the menses period.

After changing into the operation robe, the nurse came to take my temperature to ensure that I have no fever. She also asked a few questions like whether I had surgery before, whether I am on any long term medication, whether I had flu or cough or took any medicine in the last one week, and also took my blood pressure.

After all the procedures, I just rested on the bed and waited for the nurse to bring me to the operating theater. While waiting, my hubby took a photo of me.

I was actually very scared and nervous at this time.
At about 8am, the nurse came and pushed me to the operating theater. My hubby could not follow me anymore and so, he had to wait in the room. The nurse told him that my operation will take one hour, but they will bring me back to the room only after I am awake from the GA, which will usually take around 3 hours.

I was pushed to a small room before entering the operating theater. There, the nurses helped me put on a warm air blanket to keep me warm. The Anesthetic doctor also came to prepare me what is going to happen. He told me that a needle will be poked to my hand and this is where the Anesthetic medicine will be injected to my body. He also told me that during the surgery, a breathing tube will be inserted to my mouth and this might cause slight injuries to my mouth or gum.

Being a super hum ji and scared of pain person, I told the anesthetic doctor that I would like to have an injection to numb my hand first before poking the needle. After the needle was poked into my veins, there's no feeling, no pain whatsoever. The nurses and the doctors were all very nice. Seeing that I very scared, they did their best to comfort me.

After a while, the surgeon came and I was pushed into the operating theater. My bed was placed beside the operating bed and I slowly moved over to the operating bed. The anesthetic doctor came and tell me that he's now going to give me the anesthetic through the needle on my hand. Upon hearing what he told me, I replied him 'ORHH'. I have not even finish my 'ORHH', I fell into unconsciousness already.

The next thing I knew was someone trying to wake me up. I felt groggy and I just felt like continue sleeping. I was in a room with some others, I think they just had their surgery too and was waiting to wake up too. Once I regained my conscious, the nurses pushed me back to room 32 where my hubby was waiting.

I felt sore at the wound and my throat hurts terribly. There's an ulcer near my lip too. My hubby tried asking the nurse to give me some water but the nurse said have to wait for a while before drinking in case I vomit as I just regain conscious.

After half an hour, the nurse brought a bread with ham, milo and a cup of water for me. I drank a sip of plain water and my throat hurts terribly. I guessed the sore throat and the ulcer near my lip was caused by the breathing tube that was inserted during the surgery.

Because of the terrible pain in the throat, I could only swallow soft food. My hubby helped to dip the bread into the Milo to make it soft before feeding me. The nurse told me to try standing and walking. I could go home when I don't feel giddy while walking. Okay, that was like 3 more hours later and I left the hospital at around 4pm.

The nurse taught my hubby how to change the dressing too. The doctor told me that the stitches he used for me will dissolve on it's own, hence, I dun have to return to remove the stitches. I was given some alcohol wipes and 2 waterproof dressing to change. The nurse also told my hubby that there's some steri-strips inside the dressing and he do not need to remove the steri-strips when changing the dressing. The steri-strips should only be removed after one week.

I will be writing a post on my post-op experience after this!

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