Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Updates: Concept of our house

An update to the concept of our house.

Living Room
After reading up more on Feng Shui, I realised there are other remedies for direct alignment of main door and windows. So I decided not to build a 屏风 at my entrance. I will instead use the round dining table and a round ceiling lamp above the dining table to slow down the flow of 'chi' in my house.

We will still put a shoe cabinet and a bench near the entrancee. I found these pretty benches sold in Qoo10.

And the fake ceiling of our living room, I want it to be curvy shape at the corners instead of 90 degrees angle corners, because Feng Shui don't like sharp corners. Lol..

For our kitchen, after studying our floor plan, we cannot use the picture I posted in my previous post already la. Our kitchen is rectangular in shape and at the other end, there's a door to the service yard and 2 very ugly panels of windows (one set on each side of the door). The power point and water pipes are already fixed by HDB. So we can only do our kitchen cabinet on one side of our kitchen. Nearest to the service yard will be the sink, above the sink, we'll build a dish rack (for drying of the dishes) cabinet.

Next to the sink will be the stove, above the stove will be a open exhaust fan (with the pretty steel one la), and some lights attached to it so there'll be lights shining when we cook.

Next to the stove will be the kitchen cabinets for storage with table top, we want to have hanging kitchen cabinets as well, and install lights at the bottom of the hanging kitchen cabinets to make the table top brighter.

Opposite the kitchen cabinet will be our fridge and we should be putting a table beside the fridge.

Walk-in wardrobe
We read online that open concept walk-in wardrobe will cause the clothes to attract dust and moisture. So, we will get a nice wardrobe with door instead la.  We will put the wardrobe along the length of the room (away from the door side), my dressing table will be opposite the wardrobe and near to the windows. I intend to put some nice benches in the walk-in wardrobe room as well. Benches like the one I mentioned above will be good.

Just realised that HDB has already installed the toilet bowl, basin, shower head, floor tiles and wall tiles for us. The wall tiles, shower head and floor tiles are really ugly. They also installed the old school drainage (the one with many holes and in pale yellow color) for us. I think it will be a major overhaul for our toilets. I don't want the old school drainage, I don't want the wall tiles, the floor tiles and the shower head. Haiz, dunno how much is the overhaul of the 2 toilets going to cost us.

That's our plan for now. When we get the keys, I will go and study the directions of our house and apply the Feng Shui theories I learnt online. Lol.. Till then I will decide on the colors of each area and the material used for the kitchen cabinets etc.

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