Monday, 25 November 2013


Last Friday, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night because my tooth hurts badly. I started researching what causes toothache and found many reasons such as tooth decay, abscess tooth, gum infection, gingivitis etc. No matter what reason was it, I am afraid of going to the dentist, or worse, my tooth has to be pluck out.

So I immediately went to brush my teeth in the middle of the night hoping that it will become better. Luckily, it was better when I woke up and the pain gradually disappear on Saturday.

But hell! It came back on Sunday! I start to panic liao, and research for home remedies online and saw many people tried putting minced garlic on the affected tooth. They said garlic can kill bacteria and hence, putting minced garlic on the affected tooth will kill the bacteria that cause the infection.

So, I took a clove of garlic and popped into my mouth and chew it with the teeth at the side of my affected tooth. OMG! It was damnnnn painful and burning! After a few minutes, the burning sensation started to subside and I covered the affected tooth with the garlic for half an hour before rinsing my mouth with salt water and spit out the remaining crushed garlic in my mouth.

My mouth was super stinky with garlic smell la. I went to brush my teeth and I went to sleep. This morning when I woke up, wah, the garlic smell still there. But my tooth was no longer painful. Instead, my cheek was swollen and a small part of my tongue got the burning sensation. I think the garlic was so strong that it not only killed the bacteria, it also burnt my cheek and tongue.

Anyway, today I kept gargling salt water to reduce the swelling of my cheek. Hopefully, I will recover soon. Garlic, proven by Jiajia, that it can really kill bacteria, although it nearly killed my tongue and cheek too. Okay, powerful garlic, give it my nod of approval.

One thing to take note. We should not take excessive garlic as it might cause body odour, try to limit to one clove of raw garlic per day for adults.

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