Thursday, 21 November 2013

A rough concept of our house..

Recently there're a lot of updates about our Seng Kang BTO on the Facebook page. Some have news from reliable sources that we might be able to receive the letter in Dec or Jan. Many of them have already started sourcing for IDs and shopping for furniture. But we, being in Italy, couldn't do any of these. The most that we can do is to surf Courts and Ikea websites to look for furniture ideas and using the Homestyler program to roughly draw out the plan for our house.

So here's the 2D image of the rough idea we have for our house. We're keeping the renovation simple and splurge on buying beautiful furniture.
Home in Living Room, Family Room, Bedroom, Office Room, Bathroom, Kitchen
Living Room
We want a sky blue and white theme for the living room. So we intend to paint one side of the wall sky blue while the other walls remain white color, and to hang a huge painting on the wall as decoration. We should be getting white Sofa and TV console. For the curtains and carpet, I hope I can find sky blue ones. I want to put one or two floor cushion or bean bag to make the living room more cosy. Then there's also the coffee table and dining table and chairs, these will fill my living room.

We want to put a built-in shoe cabinet with a 屏风 or some other designs near the main door. Because according to feng shui, if it's a straight line from your main door to the big window, then you need something tall enough in between to block it. Hubby wants to put a small bench beside the shoe cabinet too. But all these have to see if we have ample space la.

I got a sample picture that I wanna copy. Nice?

Master Bedroom
Hmm. Initially, I want my bedroom walls to be pink color. Hubby is also okay with pink but I scared pink bedroom 招桃花 so I need to check about feng shui first before I decide on the color. I think some cute couple wall stickers on the walls as decoration will be sweet and cute. Anyway, our bedroom will just have a queen size bed, 2 night tables, a small cabinet and a lazy chair. No TV, no wardrobes. Simple, nice and conducive eh. Lol..

Walk-in wardrobe
We will convert the room nearer to the master bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe, but not a built-in one. So that it's open to changes in case we want to use that room for other purpose in future. My dressing table will also be in this room. So, we will be shopping for wardrobe that dun have doors! I found this in Ikea''s brochure and I think it suits us well.

Study room
The other room shall be our study room. Just a long table to put 2 computers, and a book cabinet will be all for this room. Oh, hubby wants to put a world map wall sticker as decoration.

No idea for toilet yet. Just a toilet bowl, a sink and a shower area. Okay, that's 废话!

Yup, so that's about it for the rough concept of our house. Oh, the lighting. For the living room, we'll have fake ceiling at the sides and corners to install the spot lights. In the middle of the living room and at the dining table, we'll have a lamp fixed on the ceiling. For bedroom, just fake ceiling at the sides and corners to install the spot lights is enough. The other rooms, kitchen and toilets, we'll just use normal lighting lor.

We're now looking online for reviews on good and reasonable-priced IDs and contractors. One of our shortlisted ones is D'Trenzo. Any other recommendations or comments about IDs and contractors are welcome!

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