Thursday, 11 December 2014

Saint Emilion: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wine and Vineyards?

Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux. As we drove nearer to Saint Emilion, we could see many many vineyards. It would have been a pretty green with grapes throughout if we were here in the summer. But now, we could only see the stick and all were 'botak' vineyards.

Saint Emilion was quite similar to San Marino, but San Marino was bigger, have better scenery and more things to explore. Saint Emilion was a little 'meh' as a UNESCO heritage site. The 13th and 14th century ruins were not as magnificent as what we saw in Rome. I guess visiting in the wrong season also played a part in making the visit even more 'meh'.

We're done with walking around the whole town in about 1 hour. But if you like wine, it's really a place where you can explore as there're many shops selling wine.

Walking around the town, there're several sites of monuments and ruins marked as attractions on the map.

The most prominent monument in Saint Emilion has to be the Monolithic church. It's sharp tip is the icon of Saint Emilion and seeing it from far helped us determined that we were heading the right way while we were driving.

View of the Old Town during sunset
There were a few steep slopes to climb within Saint Emilion. We saw some ladies wearing heels climbing the slope!? I could never do that!!

Some other ruins marked on the map include the King's Tower.

Errr... This was called 'The Great Wall". The sky was a lovely blue though.

Not sure if this was the Cardinal Palace or the Ramparts.

Walking along the road, we reached a Gate indicated on the map as "Gate and the House De La Cadene". So we saw an arc which was the "Gate", not sure where was the House De La Cadene though.

Another monument listed on the map "Les Cordeliers Cloisters".

Nonetheless, we had a really good meal there at L'Huitrier Pie. We each order a 3 course lunch set and the food was really delicious.

How can we not have a glass of wine when in Saint Emilion
Pumpkin soup with goat cheese and smoked duck. We didn't really like the taste of goat cheese though. But the pumpkin soup was nice.
Crispy crepe with duck meat and olives and salad. This crispy crepe was so delicious!
Red wine beef cheek and potatoes. The beef was so tender and it melted in my mouth!
White fish with creme sauce and mash pumpkin. The creme sauce went well with the white fish. The fish was so fresh and soft.
Macaroons with cooked pear and hazelnut cream.
Creme brulee.
I guessed if we were here in the summer, the town will be livelier and there will be tours available and also the petite train ride around the vineyards. With the tours, I think we will be able to understand the history of Saint Emilion better and thus, able to appreciate the ruins and monuments more.

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