Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Japan Trip: First Cabin capsule hotel

Woo hoo! Our first experience staying in the capsule hotel in Tokyo Haneda Airport!

Our experience of First Cabin:

After checking in at the counter, each guest will receive a card key to enter the cabin area, your cabin number and a key to the locker in your cabin.

Male and female cabins are separated, each cabin can only accommodate 1 person. You can put your luggage outside your cabin or leave it with the reception.

There's a blind for each cabin for your privacy
A small compact cabin. Pyjamas, disposable slippers, toothbrush and towels are provided. There is also a locker in the cabin for guest to lock valuables in it, and a power outlet. WIFI is available too! 
There's TV in this compact cabin too! You have to use the ear plug provided to watch the TV as silence has to be maintained in the cabin area.
There is a shared toilet and bathing area each at the male and female cabin. There is a spa room with a hot pool and a large communal bath. Lucky for me, in addition to the communal bath, there're 2 shower booth, where I could shower in private.

In the powder room, almost everything required was provided! Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer, cotton swab, face wash, lotion, emulsion, curling irons were all provided! But for males, face wash, lotion, emulsion and curling irons were not provided.

Silence must be maintained in the cabin area because the blind of each cabin is not sound proof. Hence, if you want to speak on the phone or chit chat, there is a lounge area for you to do so.

At the side of the lounge are some vending machines for you to buy food.

Erm.. Of course, do not expect too much from food from vending machines. Buy the 'never go wrong' Nissin cup noodles is a smarter choice.

So, in order to satisfy our food craves before we flew back to Singapore, we had some grilled Wagyu beef at a restaurant in Tokyo Haneda International Airport, and it didn't fail us.

We had to grill the beef ourselves, the meat was really good. Melt in the mouth kind of Wagyu beef. Yummy!

Bye bye Japan! I miss you! I will be back!

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