Friday, 20 December 2013

Love the contests and giveaways at Prizle!

I first saw when one of my friends shared Prizle's Facebook page a few months back. Out of curiosity, I went to Prizle's website to check it out.

The Prizle logo says everything!

You know, I love giveaways, contests and lucky draws! I registered immediately, and started browsing through all the contests and giveaways! I took part in almost all of them, so Kiasu (scared of losing)! Lol! It's also because all the prizes are so attractive!

There was once I won something! Ta-da!

I won a pair of python flats from Pink Pharmacy and I got to choose the design that I like! Love the feeling of winning something! ^-^

Just register at, and like their Facebook page to get updates of new contests and giveaways! It's free to register and join them! Lady luck might be smiling at you now, and it's just waiting for you to join some contests or giveaways to give you some surprises!

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