Friday, 13 December 2013

Probable completion date of my new house: end Feb 2014

Today I logged into myHDB and saw that the probable completion date of my new BTO was updated from 1st quarter 2014 to end Feb 2014! But I'm not really happy, because I have heard some rumours saying that the keys should be ready in Jan 2014, so I actually expected it to be earlier.

Probable completion date end Feb 2014, means I will get my keys maybe 1 month later, which will be end Mar 2014?! My wedding is already over, and we can't move into our house directly after our wedding. Taking into consideration another 2 to 3 months for renovation, it will be May or June 2014. :(

Now, we have a even bigger issue which is the Housing Loan. I am not working for the past one year, and I am still not sure whether my previous company still have vacancy for me. If they do not have, I intend to find a full-time job only after my wedding is over. Reason being, there are many things to settle for our wedding and new house now. Moreover, usually a new job will have probation period for the first 3 months and it's hard for me to take leave when I'm in a new job.

So, when we apply the Housing Loan from HDB, I dun have any income to report and HDB will calculate the amount of loan we can get base on my hubby's salary, which is is not sufficient to cover the cost of my new house. Even after wiping out our CPF, we might still need to fork out some cash.

"Arghhh!!" Is what I am feeling right now.


  1. Hi Sherry, you are a cute girl. Reading your blog makes me smile and laugh. Keep it up with the spirit and congratulations in getting your new house soon!

  2. Hi Harvey, thank you for the comments, and I apologise for my very belated reply :)

    I've changed my blog url to Hope you enjoy reading my blog and I'm glad my blog makes you smile! :D