Saturday, 14 December 2013

Update on our complaint on EasyJet

2 months have passed and EasyJet has not replied anything about our complaint. I have posted on Twitter, tagging EasyJet, about their lousy customer service a few times in the past 2 months, and whenever I do that, they will ask me to direct message (DM) them the reference number and email. But every time after I DM them the reference number and email, they will continue to ignore me and so, until now, I have yet to receive any reply from their customer service.

Today, I posted on Twitter again and the same thing, they asked me for my reference number and email again. I told them "I had given u many times already. I had enough!"

After that was a series of standard business replies again which I dun even bother to read anymore. I totally give up already. The thought of it will only make my blood boil, so I just want to wipe away this unpleasant moment from my memory from now onwards.

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