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Korea: Itinerary for 8 days Jeju and Seoul (Part 2 Seoul)

This post is continued from another post Part 1 Jeju and other travel information. We took Jejuair from Jeju and arrived at Seoul on 12 Nov 2015.

12 Nov 2015
Arrive at Gimpo Airport and take AREX airport rail to Seoul station with T-money card.
Journey from Gimpo Airport to Seoul station is 20 mins, cost is about 1450 KRW per person.

Checked in to our hotel
Seoul N Hostel
139-20 Ojang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-310. Free WIFI, free breakfast.
I highly recommend this hostel! It was new and modern, the host were friendly and they made yummy breakfast!

Yummy sandwich for breakfast!
The hostel was near Dongdaemun History and Culture park station. Take Exit 7. Turn right and walk straight till a crossroad, walk past it and immediately turn right.

Dinner at Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Dakhanmari (Jin Ok-hwa Original Chickem Restaurant)
Add: 18, Jong-ro 40ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
We chanced upon this restaurant while roaming around. It was after that then we realised that it was a famous restaurant there. It's located in an alley at Dongdaemun. It was so crowded when we were there and we were attracted by the crowd to go in.

It was a hot pot with one whole chicken in it, there's only one size. The staff asked if we wanted noodles or rice and we chose noodles. The soup was really flavourful, it was really nice! We saw the Korean patrons putting the chili provided in the chicken soup pot. I think that's the Korean way of eating it but as I cannot take spicy stuff, I skipped that step.

After dinner, it's shopping time.
Take the subway and alight at Myeongdong station. There you are!

Hongdae (go there for nightlife as well)
Hongik University station – take exit 9 and walk.

If  you have the chance, do try out this hot stone grilled meat shop at Hongdae!
13 Nov 2015
Everland (Ride + Safari + Zoo + Botanical gardens) Outdoor
Opening hrs: 1000 to 2100

Admission fee: 52000 KRW per person (Check out Everland website for periodic promos) We got our tickets at 33000 KRW per person
Check out the directions to Everland. We took the shuttle bus to Everland as it is the easiest.

A must do at Everland is this Safari tour which brings you to see white tigers and bears. There are also other thrilling rides which include a wooden roller coaster and it's always with long queue.

Bear doing stunts for us!

I love such fairy tale sights!
Jjimjilbang at Siloam Sauna
After the day at Everland, we went to a Jjimjilbang to relax. It's the sauna place where you often see on korea dramas where they stayed overnight and hang out. We went to the one near Seoul station. It's called Siloam Sauna.

We went after 8pm and paid 15000 KRW per person. For this price, you can stay there till the next morning. For more information, details about Siloam Sauna and what to do in there, check out my post on Seoul Jjimjilbang here.

14 Nov 2015
Free Hanbok Experience @ Myeongdong Tourist Information Center
This is free so usually there will have a queue there. The staff there helped us put on the Hanbok and took picture with a green background.

Thereafter, we chose the background scenery we liked and sent the photo to our email.

Err.. The end result is a bit unnatural with the fake background, which is why we decided to take another Hanbok shot at Bukchon Hanok Village later on.

Bukchon Hanok Village 
Directions: Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2. Go straight for about 300m to arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village.

We took another Hanbok Experience here at Hanok Village at 7000 KRW per person. The result is quite nice.

Insadong & Ssamziegil mall
Opening hrs: 0930 to 1830
Directions: Anguk station, exit 6, walk 100m forward then turn left onto Insadong street, go another 180m you will see the mall on the left
Insadong specialize in wide variety of goods that only can be purchased in Korea. You can also have have tea at a traditional tea house in Insadong.

Alley along Insadong Street
Insadong Street
Ssamziegil mall. There are no steps or escalators in this mall. It's slope all the way up.
At the top of the mall, there's a couple lock corner.
Dinner Korean Namchon Set Menu @ CHON
It's located in an alley along Insadong street. The taste of the food, I would say, it's just so so, but it's an experience to see so many variety of dishes filled up the whole table in front of you!

 15 Nov 2015
Last day before we flying back to Singapore. So of course, more shopping today!

Just before sunset, we decided to go Namsan park and N Seoul Tower.

Namsan park and N Seoul Tower 
Getting there -
Cable car and Namsan Oreumi (transparent box slanted elevator):
Directions to Namsan Oreumi:
- Myeongdong Station, Exit 4,
- Walk straight towards Sogong Ro (main road) at the Hoehyeon intersection (Myeongdong & Hoehyeon stations, Subway Line 4)
- Walk towards Namsan Tunnel #3 and take the free Namsan Oreumi elevator to the cable car station.
Cable car fee: 8500 won return for 1 pax; 6000 won one way for 1 pax

Queuing for Namsan Oreumi
We queued for about half an hour for the Namsan Oreumi. You can actually climb the stairs to reach the cable car station if you don't want to queue for Namsan Oreumi, climbing the stairs is actually faster than queuing for half an hour. Lol.

When we reached the cable car station, there's super long queue! Have to queue for one plus hour to take the cable car. So what do we do? We climb up Namsan Park to reach N Seoul Tower. It took us around 1 hour to climb up to N Seoul Tower. Good exercise eh, and you can admire the scenery of Seoul along the way. The climb was quite tiring too, it's just a bit easier than the 'Shiongsan' in Jeju.

Views we saw while climbing Namsan Park
Views we saw while climbing Namsan Park
The pavement up to N Seoul Tower in Namsan Park
Just several flight of steps more! *Panting*
Finally, we reached!!!
Night view of Seoul!
It's quite crowded at the foot of the N Seoul Tower. To go up to the N Seoul Tower Observatory, there's an admission fee of 9000 KRW per person. There's set dining options for you to dine at the Observatory. The cost of the dinner set includes the admission fee to the Tower Observatory as well. So if you want to have a romantic dinner, this is definitely a nice place!
Ohh!! This is where Do Min Joon and Chien Song Yi have their dinner in the Korean Drama "My Love from the Star"!!

But for people like us who don't feel like spending that money to go up to the Tower Observatory, there are several dining options at the foot of N Seoul Tower as well. We settled for a diner and ordered what Chien Song Yi loved in the drama "My Love from the Star" - Fried chicken and beer!! OMG! I tell you, you must eat fried chicken when you are in Korea. I don't know why but their fried chicken tasted really GOOD!

These tasted really GOOD!! The fried chicken was one of the nicest I've ever eaten!!
We roamed around N Seoul Tower for a while and came to the place where Do Min Joon and Chien Song Yi locked their love lock.

There's a whole lot of locks there!
Poor Do Min Joon kanna vandalised. Lol!!
Nice portrait!
On the last night, we went Jimjilbang again! Final sauna and massage to pamper ourselves. You can find my post on Jimjilbang here!

That pretty much sums up our 8 days tour in Seoul and Jeju!



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