Saturday, 21 November 2015

Jimjilbang in Seoul

Jimjilbang is a gem of Korea which not many know about as I also seldom see it being introduced in tourist websites or shows. You probably would have seen the actors or actresses in Korean Drama tying the towel on their head like this.

Photo taken from Google Image.
Jimjilbang is acually the best thing that we discovered in Seoul. We went 3 times in our 5 days tour in Seoul. The Jimjilbang we frequent is Siloam Sauna that's near Seoul Train Station. You can see more information at their website here.
Address: 49 Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul South Korea

Directions  By Subway:
Line 1, Line 4, Seoul Station, Exit 1, 5 minutes walk
Line 2, Line 5, Chungjeongro Station, Exit 5, 5 minutes walk
Admission fees for Siloam Sauna
Daytime - Adults: 8,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 6,000 won
Nighttime -  Adults: 9,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 7,000 won
[Bath + Jjimjil-bang (Sauna)]
Daytime -  Adults: 10,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 9,000 won
Nighttime -  Adults: 15,000 won / Children (ages under 10): 11,000 won
* Daytime: 05:00-20:00 / Nighttime: 20:00-05:00 (the following day)
* Free admission for infants under 12 months 

There are 5 storeys at Siloam Sauna segregated by different categories.

At the counter, you make the payment and you will be provided with towels and their t-shirt and bottom. You will then proceed to the male or female changing rooms that are located at different levels. At the changing room, you will need to go to the counter to take a key for your locker first and put your shoes in the shoes rack. Then you are free and decide what would you like to do first.

In the changing room, don't be stunned by all the naked bodies. The changing room is directly linked to the bath house. To enjoy the steam bath and the different types of bath pools in the bath house, you have to be naked, there are scrubbing services provided too. The bath house is where you bath with others of the same gender as well. There's no privacy so to speak. I took a while to get used to it.

After roaming about in the changing room and bath house, I decided it's time to go meet my hubby. Change into the t-shirt and bottom provided by Siloam Sauna and you are good to go explore the other storeys. Of course, if you are a female, the male changing area is out of bounds for you and vice versa. Level 2 and above are the places where male and female can meet and mingle. There are different sauna rooms and sleeping rooms. There's also massage service here, but you have to pay for the massage, it's not included in the admission fee.

There's a central hall and some rooms with theme such as the Jade Imperial Room where people lie down to rest and relax. There's also a canteen here where you can buy food and drinks.

This Korean rice drink is sweet and refreshing! I love it!
The canteen where you eat your food.
Next is the time to roam around level 4 where all the different sauna theme rooms are located. It's fun to go in and experience the different sauna rooms. The theme and temperature of each room is indicated outside the room and on the door. Some are so hot that I couldn't even stay there for 5 mins.

The only ice room there. Brrrr...
There's infra-red light in the hole. So you climb and lie down and on the infra-red light.

On level 5 are the sleeping rooms. It's cute that they have a separate room for snorers hahaha.

There are also separate male and female sleeping rooms on level 5.

So next time when you are in Korea and have no where to go at night. You can have a Jimjilbang experience! It's really fun and relaxing!

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