Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Groupon Experience @ The Organic Spa

Saw this on Groupon and thought it's quite a deal so I bought it for 2 persons for $80. Details of the deal states that it's 1 hour facial, 1 hour massage, 15 mins back mask and 15 mins tummy mask. The Organic Spa is located at Serangoon Gardens.

It was when I called to make booking that the person tell me that the Groupon can only be used for weekdays and morning during weekends.

The Organic Spa was located at level 2 of one of the shophouses. We requested for couple room. Although it was stated in the voucher that there's an additional $10 charge for couple room, we were not charged the $10. The lady started telling us that the massage oil used for the Groupon one is the normal oil and recommended us to top up $10 per person for aroma therapy oil. Okay, the normal oil smelt like those 跌打酒 used by TCM. So we decided to top up the $10 for the aroma therapy oil.

After a while, the lady started selling me their red wine massage with yogurt back mask for additional $25. She recommended this red wine massage like it's so so good and special and I will regret it if I dun try it. Okay, so I take the red wine massage for an additional $25. This is the lady who will do the massage and facial for me.

The spa session started with the facial first. The facial was really underwhelming. They just cleanse your face, scrub, then apply some serum on your face, and used some cold stick to massage your face. After that, they will do a facial massage, and then end with a facial mask and ask you to rest for like almost half an hour. The facial mask was quite funny, they applied some mask on your face then paste 2 pieces of tissue paper on your face. After the mask, the facial was done, no extraction at all.

Oh did I mention that when I was doing my facial, the lady kept telling me how good the red wine massage was. I felt like telling her, just shut up and let me enjoy my facial. I will know how good it is after I tried it later, dun need you to keep telling me now!

Next is the time for the much anticipated red wine massage. Erm... first on the skills of the masseur. I have tried massages at many other places and I have to say this massage at The Organic Spa was really not good.

Other than that, the lady kept disturbing me during the massage! She keep asking me how do I feel about this red wine massage, is it good, is it comfortable. I am ok if she just asked once and let me enjoy the massage and relax. But no!! She asked almost 10 times whether I am comfortable and almost 4 times how do I feel within 1 hour!! I cannot, I cannot take it. I dun enjoy at all. The best thing is, I told her I feel like sleeping. But no, she did not let me off. She continued talking and asking me comfortable a not and how do I feel. I'm like.. Oh God, let this end faster.

Before that, the lady also kept telling me that I will smell a sweet red wine scent. So during the massage, she also kept asking me if I smelt the nice red wine smell. No! No! No!.. I didn't smell any red wine scent. I told her and she replied "Oh, I think it's because you're facing down." Okay.. but really.. throughout the 1 hour massage, I only smelt the $10 top up aroma therapy oil smell.

Before the massage, the lady let me and hubby choose either back scrub or hot stone. Hubby chose hot stone while I chose back scrub. I also asked if I top up to red wine massage, will I still have the back scrub. The lady say yes. Although hubby got his hot stone, I didn't get any back scrub nor yogurt back mask. And both me and hubby did not get the 15 mins tummy mask mentioned in the Groupon deal.

So if you have already bought this Groupon deal, I would suggest you guys to just top up the $10 for aroma therapy oil, forget about the red wine massage. In conclusion, the facial and massage experience was quite mediocre.

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