Saturday, 18 April 2015

Iceland (Part 3) - Southern Iceland

Northern light encounter #2: Seen from Vansholt Guesthouse
The Northern lights on our 4th night in Iceland was really active, we could see obvious green lights in the sky at 7pm!

This time, the green lights were dancing and it was so strong!

We were actually having our Christmas eve dinner when there's aurora light shows in the sky. We ran in and out, juggling between dinner and admiring the amazing dancing lights. The aurora lasted for around an hour this time. After our dinner, it was gone totally! It was definitely worth running in and out, the aurora was so beautiful, moving above us in the dark skies!

Next, some photos of what we ate for our Christmas eve dinner.

Smoked salmon on perfectly toasted bread and lamb meat
Turkey with potatoes. Can't remember what the red thing, but it goes well with the turkey
Blueberry cheese cake
The host also prepared a souvenir for us. The ashes of Eyjafjallajokull, which erupted in 2010.

Vansholt Guesthouse was 16km from Selfoss. A long 7km side road leads us to Vansholt. It was away from the city lights and a good place for us to enjoy the auroras.

Urriðafoss was located near Vansholt and there's road sign to ask you to turn while driving along Ring Road 1. We drove our small small 2WD to Urriðafoss, while we saw what others drove was this. LOL.

Nonetheless, we still manage to get to there. Urriðafoss was the largest waterfall and it was spectacular. The water was gushing and with the rock formation, it was quite different from the other waterfalls that we have seen.

It was located along Ring Road 1, 70km from Selfoss. No entrance fee required. You can hike up to behind the waterfalls if it's not winter period. When we were there, the stairs were covered with snow, and it was too slippery to do so.

We planned our route to visit Skogarfoss, Dyrholaey and Vik, the black sand beach too. But weather turned bad with a huge snow storm for the rest of the day.

The flying snow flurries stings when they hit on our faces, and we gave up visiting all the landmarks in the South.

Driving becomes dangerous with almost 0 visibility, slippery roads and with the distracting snow hitting on the windscreen - I have to give credit to hubby who drove in such road conditions for more than 150 km.
Although the snow flurries look like beautiful white fireworks when it hits on our windscreen, it was damn dangerous as we couldn't see anything!
After the snow storm, everywhere is white. Even black sand beach became white sand beach.

Because of weather, I missed the black sand beach again! And the places which I planned to explore. ARGHHH!

After the mad day in the snow storm, the silver lining was the thick layer of soft snow that build up, we couldn't help but have fun in the snow!

Okay, end this post with my angel's wing. Next up Iceland Part 4 - Golden Circle

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