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Iceland (Part 1) - Reykjavik and Icelandic food

We took Icelandic Budget Air, Wow Air from London Gatwick. I would say we were generally very pleased with what we got on Wow Air. The cabin crew were friendly, and even though they was a budget airline, they were not fuzzy with check in baggage as long as the size is reasonable and within the weight restrictions, unlike some fuzzy and make-my-life-difficult budget air which is called Easyxxx (what an irony!). We also spot some interesting and funny marketing quotes while on the plane.

We ordered this drink on Wow Air. It's an Icelandic Christmas special drink. It just taste better... Than Coke.. Yumz..

As we were approaching Keflavik Airport in Iceland, this was what we saw.. Nothing but white snowy, icy lands.

Transport from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik
We booked in advance the bus which brought us from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik via the Flybus website. If the hotel/guesthouse you stayed in Reykjavik is in the list of hotels that offer picked up listed in the Flybus website, Flybus will bring you to the doorstep (you have to change into a smaller coach at the Reykjavik BSI Bus Terminal, and the smaller coach will bring you to your hotel/guesthouse). Otherwise, Flybus will drop you at Reykjavik BSI Bus Terminal.

After an hour bus ride, we have reached our guesthouse.

Look at the sky in the background. It's actually only 5pm. LOL.
Laugavegur and Skólavörðustígur street.
These are the 2 popular shopping street in downtown Reykjavik, with lots of shops, bars, cafe and restaurants. The Tourist Information Centre is also here, where we bought our Iceland Sim Card. It was useful for the rest of our journey.

A modern architecture church. If you go during the opening hours, there's a lift to bring you to the top and you can have a bird's eye view of the city.

Laekjarbrekka (Bankastraeti 2, 101 Reykjavik)
We was recommended by our friends to visit Laekjarbrekka for Icelandic food.

Ambience was nice and it seems like an Atas restaurant. lol.

Mink Whale Tataki
The texture and taste was like beef, but it has a very strong fishy after taste which I don't like.

Langoustine Soup
The soup itself was super yummy with a very strong and aromatic prawn taste. There's also bits of langoustine meat in the soup.

Grilled Blue Ling
No wonder people say must eat fish when you are in Iceland. All the fish that we had in Iceland tasted so fresh, succulent and tasty. No matter what fish is it, just order, it will never go wrong.

Plokkfiskur (Fish stew served with black bread)
This is the dish which I would like to try but they did not serve it during dinner, they only serve it for lunch. So if you are there during lunch time, try it out!

3 Frakkar (Baldursgata 14, Reykjavik Centre, 101)
Another restaurant recommended by friends to tried out Icelandic food is 3 Frakkar. It was a little bit difficult to find and it was further away from the main shopping street. However, this was a really popular restaurant, it was full when we went there. Hence, we didn't get to try this. So it's either you go really early or make a reservation in advance.

 Bæjarins beztu pylsur hotdog stall
Was told that this was a must try when in Reykjavik, and there's long queues when we were there. But to me, err.. I guess it's because the hotdog was made of lamb and pork and I personally cannot stand the lamb smell so it was not to my liking. The sauce that goes with the hotdog and the bun was really good though.

Icelandic Fish and Chips (Tryggvagata 11, 101 Reykjavik)
This restaurant was located along the waterfront and they serve really good fish and chips, and the price was considered competitive as compared to the other eateries or restaurants in Reykjavik. So for cheap and good fish chips, here is it!

We ordered cod and blue ling each and both were nice! The roasted potatoes were yummy too!
Saegreifinn - finally an eatery that we do not recommend

This eating place was located near the waterfront as well, and I saw people recommending it on Tripadvisor, so we gave it a try.

The place was crowded with tourists when we were there, and we thought, it should be really good.
No, we regret trying it, it was lucky that we already had our fill at Icelandic Fish and Chips and hence we did not order much food here. We just ordered their supposedly famous lobster soup to try, but err.. it's not exactly lobster soup, it's like Singapore Laksa taste but much less spicy, with bits of lobster meat in it. It was served in a small bowl and it's not exactly cheap as well. Go other eateries or restaurants for langoustine and lobster soup, they are better.

Other than the lobster soup, they served kebabs as well and mink whale meat. But err, they dun look appetizing to me too. And did I mention that we waited for more than half an hour for just the bowl of lobster soup?

The kebab and  mink whale meat counter where you take and let the chef to cook. The prices were not cheap. 
Many people told us that we have to try Skyr when we are in Iceland. Okay, so we bought some from super market and tried it. It was a very thick kind of yogurt, probably with some cheese in it? It was too thick for my liking as it has the very milky after taste in my mouth. But it was definitely healthy and can keep you full in the cold cold weather. It's full of protein and it's not too sweet, a healthy product, I would say.

Okie, that's all for my part 1 Iceland trip. I will be going to Blue Lagoon and the West Peninsula next!

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