Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Suddenly Slender review

I first tried Suddenly Slender when I bought a voucher for S$18 for 90 minutes massage. But I was short-changed. After changing into their robe, I was first brought to the Sauna room and stayed there for around 10 minutes. Then I was ushered to the massage room for a 60 minutes massage, instead of 90 minutes. The skill of the masseur was quite okay. Since I only paid S$18, I'm not too particular about the short-changed 30 minutes massage.

After the massage, the sales person started selling me a package of 6 times basic facial or massage for S$300. It's not too expensive, so I signed it.

A week later, I went for my first facial appointment. I was served by a beautician called Du Rong. During the facial, she kept chatting with me, I actually just wanted to rest la. After the exfoliation she asked me to try their Imperial Gua Sha facial with eye treatment at an additional S$68. She said the facial will improve the exfoliation and blood circulation of my skin, thereby making it glow, balance the pigmentation and reduce dark eye circles.

I tried it and it's so comfortable. I wished the Gua Sha can last longer lol.. After the Gua Sha, my skin did look brighter and my jaws tightened a little bit too. I was quite happy with the results.

After the facial, I was brought to a room for sales talk. I decided to sign up 10 times of Gua Sha facial. But the sales person kept asking me to take more sessions and even the branch's sales manager came in to try to psycho me to get more sessions. I was quite annoyed as I was already rushing for time. I would have left at this moment if not for the sales person had already took my credit card.

Then the sales manager just said blatantly "You would have enjoyed more offers if you have time to stay longer. But you are rushing, so I can't help you." I was really annoyed by this stupid sales manager, and I immediately regretted signing up the package.

Today, Du Rong called me to go down to Suddenly Slender on 18 Jan as they have some CNY celebrations and there are some door gifts and lucky draw for customers. I dun intend to waste my time to go as I think the lucky draws are to entice you to buy more packages one la.

Wah, I said I'm not free to attend, the Du Rong also wanna psycho me and said "It's a Saturday, you got no work, should have time one." Comón, who are you to plan my day for me?!! Then I insisted that I cannot go, she changed tactic "Then you can introduce Suddenly Slender to your friends, ask them to come also can."

They are really hungry for Customers eh. I am quite pissed with their sales tactics la. Just wanna faster finish the Gua Sha Facial package, and I really hope they dun keep psycho me to buy this buy that every time I go. The Gua Sha Facial is really quite good, I might really sign more if their sales tactics are not so annoying. But now, sorry. I'm not going to sign more stuff with Suddenly Slender.

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