Friday, 3 January 2014

Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

I haven't been blogging since I am back in Singapore, been really busy meeting up with friends and family, settling our pre-wedding photoshoot stuff, applying for HLE, sourcing for contractors for our new house. Oh my, so many things to do.

Anyway, I am going to blog about my pre-wedding photoshoot!

Xmas eve - Choosing gowns and suits for photoshoot
We went to Feline Bridal to choose our gowns and suits on Xmas eve. I chose 5 gowns with different styles, took us around 3 hours to choose my gowns and my hubby's suit Hubby got a white suit and a grey suit. We were not allowed to take pictures while trying the gowns so I quickly took one after I am done choosing the gowns when the staff were not around.

I have a white wedding ball gown, a white wedding mermaid gown, a peachy pink ball gown, a flowy dark blue evening dress and a light blue "Hi-Lo" flowy dress. The white wedding ball gown and the light blue 'Hi-Lo' dress were for outdoor shoots.

The MUA asked me to go color my hair, do manicure and pedicure, and trim my eyebrows. Okay, our pre-wedding photoshoot was on 27th Dec, I only got 2 days to do all these.

So I did my hair color on Xmas day, and manicure and pedicure, and eyebrow trimming on 26th Dec. I'm all ready for 27th photoshoot!

27th Dec - Pre-wedding photoshoot
There's an unhappy incident with Feline Bridal's boss, Rachel before this day. I called her a few days earlier to confirm our photoshoot date to be on 27th Dec and she suddenly tell me that there's no slot for us on 27th Dec, and she doesn't sound apologetic at all and start telling me the alternative dates available. After a while, my hubby called her again to confirm on the dates and she told him that she had made a blunder and we could have our photoshoot on 27th Dec. Okay, since we were able to proceed with the photoshoot, I let it pass. But since then, I have made it a point to really double confirm our appointment with them to avoid any cock ups.

On 27th, I got a serious flu and sneeze attack that morning! I kept sneezing and my eyes kept tearing and it's swollen. The MUA couldn't put on any eye makeup for me as I kept tearing and we already decided to change day for the photoshoot. 

I was so disappointed and sad that I cried because one year ago, during my ROM, I had flu too. I seriously hated the flu bug. But miraculously, after eating some food and drinking some hot soup, my flu got better and we went back to Feline Bridal. My MUA Lily, was able to help me put on a nice make-up. She also helped me designed my hairstyle for each dress and I loved all the hair-styles she designed! She knew exactly what I wanted! Thumbs up for Lily! I am so happy that she will be my MUA for my actual day wedding too!

Our photographer was Kenny. Well, I thought the poses he asked us to do were quite old-school and we were quite unnatural. We thought the photographer would have ideas for us so we didn't spend time to think about how we wanted to pose for the photoshoot. We didn't really have an idea so we just follow the old-school pattern lor. Come to think of it, if we have the time, we should have thought of the poses and the theme we wanted for our photoshoot, so that the result will be more special and more memorable.

Oh, you can bring your own props for the photoshoot, so do prepare some cute stuff for it!

I would love to take pictures of my looks that day but I have no time to take at all, time was so tight between changing gowns, setting the hair-styles and posing for photoshoot.

I only managed to take one when we were on the way for outdoor photoshoot.

So pretty right! Lol!

Anyway, my outdoor photoshoot started rather unpleasantly. Just 5 minutes into the photoshoot at Hort Park, and I was stung by a hornet! I dunno how the stupid hornet flew into the can can of my ball gown and sting my butt! I kept screaming and jumping. Hubby helped to flip my gown many times before we saw a hornet flew out from it. I was so scared that I broke down and cried. It's lucky that my make-up did not smudge. The MUA did not accompany us out for the outdoor photoshoot. I really dunno what to do if the make-up smudged.

We immediately left the place and proceeded to other places for the photoshoot after the stupid hornet incident.

The photographer found a handicapped toilet for us and I changed into the light blue 'Hi-Lo' dress with hubby's help. We proceeded to the beach and then to Marina Bay Sands.

At the end of the day, we were super tired, but we were happy with our pretty shots, except for the stupid hornet incident.

1 Jan - Photo choosing for wedding album
5 days have passed and we were here at Feline Bridal again to choose the photos for our wedding album. Very fast hor? Because they told us that we were already quite late for the photoshoot if we want our wedding album to be ready by our wedding date, 14 March, so they rushed for us la.

Our package includes 35 photos in 10 themes with a total of 20 pages in the album, a 3-in-1 montage, a table top photo with frame and a small 20 photos booklet.

After our first round of filter, we were still left with 74 photos that we liked. The price they quoted us was S$3008 for 66 photos in the album, return of all our hard copies photos and a casing for the album. We definitely dun wanna pay the additional S$3008 la. So we decided to filter off some more photos.

After second round of filter, still left with 54 photos. The lady then quoted us S$1180 for a total of 49 photos in 13 themes in the album. Hubby accepted it, and we filter out 5 more photos. 

But after that, many friends advised that we shouldn't have spent that money because they dun really see the wedding photos after their wedding. But anyway, at that point of time, we really dunno which set of photos to filter out already. So we just paid and we can have the photos we liked.

Heehee, so looking forward to the wedding album! I think hubby and I look great in the photos! ^-^

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