Friday, 28 June 2013

Bratislava, Slovakia

We rushed a short half-day trip to Bratislava from Vienna so that we're able to step foot in another country. Hahaha.

We took a train from Vienna Sudtirolerplatz Train station to Bratislava Main Train station. The train journey was around an hour. We could see a difference between Bratislava and Vienna, Vienna was really more well-developed than Bratislava.

Slovakia joined the Eurozone in year 2009 and they were using Euros as their currency when we went. So it made things a lot easier for us.

From the Bratislava Train station, we took a bus to the city center and joined the free walking tour. If you're gonna be at Bratislava for a few days, it's good to join the walking tour first because the guide would provide useful information such as traditional Slovak food to try, restaurants at which part of the Old Town were the more expensive ones, and some other interesting things to do or see in Bratislava. If you're interest, here's the website for the free walking tour.

Our walking tour guide

Look at the road sign.. 

It's this! It just popped out in the middle of a street in the Old Town.. Hahaha.

The guide told us that the coming weekend was the coronation weekend and the following day was a cosplay event where the people re-create the coronation of the king! A pity that we were only at Bratislava for half a day and totally missed that.

Bus tour in Bratislava.. Cute..

Bratislava Old Town 

Old Town gate

The Plaque of witch hunting.. "In commemoration of the first witch burnt to death in Bratislava".. 

At the far end of the picture stands the Bratislava Castle. A pity that we didn't have time to go up. The guide told us that we could see 3 countries from the castle, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. But other than the views, there's nothing much in the castle, so dun have to waste money on the entrance fee. Heehee. (In case you would like to know, there's another castle called the Devin Castle. But it's not near the Old Town, it's around 30 minutes bus ride from the Old Town to Devin Castle. It's the ruins of a old castle and you could see views of the Danube river from the Devin Castle.)

The Blue Church.. Was informed that this was a very popular church in Bratislava and many couples wanted to hold their wedding ceremony here.. 

Despite the main door of the Blue Church was facing this -.- This was the communist style building..

After the 2.5 hours free walking tour, it's almost time for us to catch a train back to Vienna.. As we gotta catch another train from Vienna to our next destination, Prague. It's so rush.. -.- Okay, bad planning.

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