Tuesday, 4 October 2011

USA (Part 3) - Los Angeles

We arrived at Los Angeles after 2 hours of flight. The highlights of LA in our itinerary were Universal Studio, Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills.

To be honest, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was quite a disappointment. It's no different from any other shopping street. In fact, some part of the Walk was not even a shopping street. Nothing much to see except that we kept looking at the floor to look at the stars and the names in it to see if we knew that person. Okay, maybe we were just bored, we actually did this for one whole hour while we strolled along the street.

Next, we came across Madame Tussauds and spent a good afternoon in there. There's many waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars and sports stars. The wax sculpture of Obama was right at the entrance, welcoming us to the wax museum.

Other wax sculptures we saw includes Madonna, Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, The Star Wars, Cameron Diaz, Iron Man suit, Stallone, Jim Carrey and many more. If you would like to add Madame Tussauds into your itinerary at LA, check out their website for more details.

The next day, we spent our full day at Universal Studio Hollywood! To get there by public transport, simply take the subway and alight at Universal/Studio City station. Then wait at the bus stop across the street from the exit of the station for the free shuttle bus to Universal Studio. Otherwise you could also drive direct to Universal Studio if you have a car.

Universal Studio Hollywood is really big and very interesting. It's bigger and much more interesting than the one in Singapore. A must try is the Studio Tour. You can't find Studio Tour in Universal Studio Singapore. The Studio Tour didn't look very interesting at first glance, and we were even thinking of giving it a miss as the queue was super long. We thought that it was just a normal looking open window bus bringing you around Universal Studio. We were glad that we decided to queue because the experience was awesome and unforgettable!

The tour took about 45 minutes and we really had many different experiences throughout the Studio Tour. The King Kong 360 3-D brought us through a tunnel with King Kong and dinosaur from Jurassic Park just beside us! The effect was so real and the bus jerked as if we were right in the middle of a fight between the King Kong and the dinosaur! We also saw how movies create those flooding scenes and the bus actually 'went through' the water, and how the cars were able to 'fly' around after a collision like what we always saw on movies. There were many other stunts that we saw. It's hard to describe the experience. Not much photos taken during the Studio Tour because most of the time we were too busy entertaining ourselves with what's happening around us. Highly recommended ride in Universal Studio Hollywood!

Entering King Kong 360 3-D

Stunts where cars were able to 'fly' around after a collision in movies!

Disaster scene in movies..

Other than the Studio Tour, there's Revenge of the Mummy ride. It's an adrenaline ride in an enclosed area. There's also Shrek 4-D and many other attractions. Thumbs up!

The next day, it's Disneyland! Disneyland is located in Anaheim, not very near to Los Angeles. We didn't have a car and we spent quite long travelling on public transport from LA to Disneyland. We took the Amtrak Train from Union station to Anaheim station. The train journey was around 45 minutes. At Anaheim station, we took bus number 430 to Disneyland. We arrived quite late at Disneyland because of the train timing.

In Disneyland, there's not much adrenaline rides, but it's definitely a magical land. I loved Disneyland, the castles, princesses and many other characters. It gave me the "happily ever after" feeling. But I guessed it's not very appealing to adult males as my boyfriend didn't find it very fun or amazing -.-'''

Okay, now photos of Disneyland and 'my castle' hahaha..

So many people..

Streets and shops in Disneyland.. At the far end is the castle..

My Castle!

One of the rides in Disneyland

I loved the Disney castle at night, especially when the fireworks display started. There are fireworks display everyday just before Disneyland closes. I actually teared listening to the songs and looking at the fireworks and the castle. The atmosphere was very romantic and touching, and I dunno what came over me and tears just rolled down my cheeks. My boyfriend's reaction was quite funny when he realised that I teared. Lol..

For people who like adrenaline rides, there's Disney California Adventure Park. So Disneyland actually catered to people like my boyfriend. Haha.. But we didn't manage to go to the Adventure Park because we didn't have enough time, so my fairy-tale Disneyland was the first priority. Wahaha..

Okay, and Disneyland marked a romantic end to our trip at LA.. ^-^

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