Monday, 3 October 2011

USA (Part 1) - Salt Lake City

The first stop of our USA trip is Salt Lake City. It's not the usual place that a tourist would go and many probably did not hear of this place before. We were there because my boyfriend was there for a conference and I am meeting him there to start our trip.

Even though it's just a small peaceful town, we loved this place. It was a nice sub-urban town, peaceful, tranquil, quiet, not touristy, and with some views of mountains around the town.

Houses at Salt Lake City

Mountain views as we drove

Very big and well-organised supermarket

We can across an interesting ice cream shop when we were at Salt Lake City. It's Nitro Freeze! They used liquid nitrogen to turn the liquid into ice cream!

Transformation in process.. Full of mist.. So Cool!

Ta-da! Strawberry flavoured nitro freeze! By the way, this was the small cup, the portion was so big that both of us couldn't finish it -.- Maybe we're just lousy.

I was at Salt Lake City for 2 days to enjoy this peaceful town which I had never experienced before. There's no way I could find such tranquility in Singapore, and this really got me thinking. I yearned for such peaceful, friendly, laid-back, relax place. I seriously hate the stressful, busy, crowded, tiring life in Singapore. It's so small and full of people that it's crowded at every single corner. There's zero chance that one would be able to find a peaceful, laid-back, relaxed spot in Singapore.

Okay, enough of my complains. After the 2 days in Salt Lake City, we continued on to Las Vegas! Woohoo!

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