Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale is a French-themed resort on Berjaya Hills, near Genting Highlands. The resort was designed according to the actual Colmar village in Alsace, France. It did give us a little bit of the 'Europe architecture' feel.

Well, the weather was cooling at around 22 degrees Celsius and the concept of the resort was interesting. But that's about it. 

It was quite touristy at the resort. You would find that the price of food and spa/massage services were quite expensive as compared to KL or JB or other cities of Malaysia. We have paid S$220 per person for the coach and hotel, only to find that the hotel was quite basic and not well maintained, the bed was creaking and we found insects in the washroom sink. 

We took a walk at the Botanical Gardens and Japanese Park. It was a nice walk but it got more chilly as the sun began to set. We were informed by the staff at the resort that there was a Japanese tea ceremony demonstration in a cottage in the Japanese Park, but we missed it. There were cottages in the Japanese Park to provide Japanese spa service, but it was exorbitantly expensive. The rabbit park and a horse riding trail are places in the Botanical Gardens that we didn't manage to cover. You might want to cater some time for these if you are visiting the Botanical Gardens in Berjaya Hills. It's a pity that we didn't take any photos at the Botanical Garden and Japanese Park as we forgot to bring our camera! -.-''' 

We had a nice dinner at a french cuisine restaurant, La Cigogne. The price of a set meal was not very cheap, but it's still worth to give it a try since it's considered a french fine dining and the food definitely made up for it. 

*Sad to say, the photos we took at the restaurant are quite blurred and dark because the restaurant's lighting was dim to create the romantic ambience, and we only brought an old and lousy camera with us! 

Starter: Lobster Bisque
It had a strong seafood taste, and with the smooth creamy texture. We finished it within seconds. Yum yum.

Mains: Grilled salmon and potatoes
The salmon was grilled to perfection. It's not too raw, neither was it overcooked. Coupled with the grilled potatoes and the sauce. It's simply delicious.

Mains: Ribeye Steak
The level of doneness for this steak is medium rare. The sides of the steak was charred to a dark brown color while the center of the steak was pink. It was really tender and succulent. It's very tasty with the mushroom sauce!

Dessert: Custard pie with strawberry and chocolate stick
Not much of a surprise for this dessert except that the crust was really crispy and sweet. The custard, strawberry sauce and chocolate stick were just normal.

Dessert: Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate
We were a bit disappointed as we were hoping for warm melted chocolate to flow out from the chocolate cake like some other chocolate souffle which we had eaten before. But for this, it's just a piece of molten chocolate custard in the middle of the chocolate cake. The vanilla ice cream tasted just like King's ice cream??!!

Entrance of the restaurant

On the second day, we decided to go Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square for shopping! We knew that there's shuttle service between the resort and Berjaya Times Square, but we realized that the transport arrangement between the 2 places were quite crap. The shuttle bus from Colmar Tropicale to Berjaya Times Square was scheduled at 1230 and 1630, while the shuttle bus from Berjaya Times Square back to Colmar Tropicale was scheduled at 930 and 1430. It's quite impossible for us to travel to and fro Berjaya Times Square using the shuttle bus. So we took a one way shuttle bus to Berjaya Times Square which costs 11 Ringgit per person.

Berjaya Times Square is quite a big shopping center and shopping in Malaysia is really shiok. The clothing, accessories, shoes were cheap, and we bought quite a number of stuff. We were busy shopping and opps.. No photos of Berjaya Times Square were taken. ;p

At around 9 pm when the shops started closing, it's time for us to return to Berjaya Hills. We took a cab and the driver charged us 50 Ringgit. I think the amount of money we saved from cheap shopping was used to pay for the cab fee. The return trip was quite an adventure as it was all dark and the cab was travelling at a fast speed despite it was a winding route up the hill.

Okay. That's the last photo I had to share and we're ready to return to Singapore. :(

It's always sad when a holiday ends.

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