Monday, 27 September 2010

Berjaya Times Square

We decided to try out the five-star hotel at Berjaya Times Square after the disappointing hotel in Berjaya Hills. We self-drove from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur which took about 4 to 5 hours with some traffic jam along the way.

This hotel is totally different from the one in Berjaya Hills and thumbs up for it!!

It's located just beside, in fact, it's linked to Berjaya Times Square. So all you have to do is to take a lift to the ground floor and walk out of a side door, and ta-da! You are ready for shopping at Berjaya Times Square.

Other than the location, we loved the room! It was spacious and clean. It's more like a suite than a hotel room. Okay, I shall save my words and let pictures explain themselves.

Picture took from the door leading to the bedroom.. Yes, you are right.. There's some decorations on the bed when we arrived! Pleasant surprise!

A closer look at the decoration.. It's rose petals made into a heart shape.. Love it..

There's also complimentary fruits and chocolates at the small dining table..

The spacious living room..

The spacious and luxury bathroom..

Views from our hotel room..

Haha.. We bought a pair of Mickey and Mini mouse home slippers while shopping. 10 Ringgit per pair. Cheap cheap..

Finally. foodie time!! Yummy Chinese restaurant at Berjaya Times Square!

皮蛋瘦肉粥 (Century egg and minced pork porridge). The porridge was smooth and tasty. Yum yum!

小龙包 (dumpling with meat) It's simple delicious.. and look at the next picture!

One full tablespoon of soup from a 小龙包! We had previously watched a TV show which showed the correct way to eat 小龙包. It's to poke a hole in the skin, then suck or drain the soup in the 小龙包.  After drinking all the soup, you may start eating the 小龙包 with some black vinegar. Okay, back to this 小龙包. The soup was real tasty. It's standard is on par with Singapore's 鼎泰丰 or 翡翠, but it's much cheaper.

Next up.. 流沙包 (custard bun). But it's not the normal custard bun that we bought from bakery shop. You will know why when you see the second picture. Nice orange colored bun.

OMG! Melted custard flowing.. It's quite messy when we ate this bun. The melted custard kept flowing non-stop as we bite. But it's super duper delicious.. It's worth being un-glam just to eat this. hahaha..

Okay. So that's about it for our 2 days 1 night weekend trip to Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. Oh, did I mention that we did some spa and massage before we left? We booked the spa and massage service provided by the hotel. Oh man, it's the same price as some neighbourhood massage in Singapore despite it's offered by a five-star hotel! It feels shiok to pamper yourselves once in a while. ^-^

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