Sunday, 23 August 2015

Recommended Eats in Johor Bahru (JB): City Square

BornGa Korean Restaurant

We're having a craving for Korean BBQ and came across BornGa Korean Restaurant in City Square. The restaurant was separated into 2 sections, with BBQ and without BBQ. If we decided to have BBQ, they have a minimum order of at least 2 plates of BBQ meats.

Many small Korean side dishes were served first together with the lettuce. The lettuce is really fresh and sweet and so pretty!!

We ordered pork belly and premium beef. The meat are really tender and juicy.

The Kim Chi soup was yummy as well!


Arashi is a must visit when we are in JB, Arashi has branches in City Square as well as KSL. We really loved the fresh and quality food for the steamboat. The price is really cheap as well as compared to eating steamboat in Singapore. The interior is comfy and nice too!

They have set meal as well as la carte order. Set meal includes the cost of the pot of soup and rice. They have a huge variety of soup base to choose, almost 10 kinds of soup. I like Konbu soup base the most.

1 mixed meat set meal and 1 pork collar set meal with a plate of gyoza and 2 drinks only cost us 80RM!!
They also have ala carte plates of premium wagyu beef (large size), pork collar (medium size) and chicken (medium size). For ala carte orders, RM5 will be charged on each pot of soup base.
Close up of the premium wagyu meat
 Sizzling Stonegrill

We ordered the tender grill beef steak and grilled chicken thigh with choice of fried rice or fries and corns. The meat was quite a big piece and we have to cook the beef ourselves. It was quite tiring as I don't want it to be overcooked but of course not uncooked as well. Haha.. So i have to keep flipping and cutting and cooking. It was quite fun though LOL. The meat was quite tender and for the price, it was a good deal!

Tendergrill beef steak with corns and fried rice (45RM)
Grilled chicken thigh with corns and fries. The meat was so tender!

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