Saturday, 31 May 2014

Finally.. My pre-wedding photoshoot photos!

It's been a long time since I last blogged. I've been really busy since I'm back in Singapore. Started my full time job in January, and need to juggle between wedding preparations and renovation of my new house. Oh my, really shouldn't have started work. A full time job seriously is taking too much of my time and energy, such that I don't have enough time for my personal stuff. Finally, my wedding was over and my new house is more or less settled, and I can now sit down and blog about my memorable wedding and introduce my simple but cosy house.

Pre-wedding photoshoot by Feline Bridal
Our pre-wedding photoshoot was taken on 23 Dec 2013. That was not an easy day for me. I was down with flu and I woke up with teary and swollen eyes. The photoshoot nearly had to be postponed as I kept tearing and my MUA was not able to put on any eye make-up for me. Fortunately, after having some hot soup, my eyes doesn't tear that much and my MUA proceeded with the make-up. I must praise my MUA, Lily, for the excellent job! Her make-up skill is fantastic, my swollen eyes was totally concealed! So I happily changed into my gowns and proceed with the indoor photoshoot.

Next, is the outdoor photoshoot. We chose 3 places for the photoshoot: Hort Park, Tanjong Beach at Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.

Our first stop was Hort Park. Oh my god! That's a terrible start to my outdoor shoot. I usually dun like to walk on grass but the photographer said that it's good to have some greenery background in the photos to make it nicer. So I forced myself to walk into the grasslands. Just after a few shots, I felt something stinging my bum and thigh!! I kept screaming and jumping in my wedding gown! Hubby tried to flip my gown to see what's in there and suddenly a hornet flew out from the can can. I was stunned and I cried. The hornet really made my outdoor photoshoot an 'exciting' one.

Must treasure the pictures I posted here leh, I took them with great pains, like literally. The hornet stings were red, swollen and itchy for almost a month before they started to heal.

Okay, so after that I insisted that we leave that place and we went to the famous spiral staircase at Hort Park to take pictures.

After the trauma, time was getting late, so I changed into the other gown and we continued our photoshoot at Tanjong Beach and Marina Bay Sands.

Okie, shall end this blog with my pre-wedding photoshoot photos. Next blog post will be on my actual day wedding!

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