Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weekend at Siena

Siena is a small city in Tuscany, Italy, famous for it's medieval town.  It indeed gave us the 'medieval' feel but it was quite small and we finished exploring it within a day instead of the 2 days which we had originally planned. Of course, we could have spent more time there by following the hiking trails in the surrounding Tuscan landscapes. But hehe, I'm not a hiking person so I'm giving that a miss.

Picture of Tuscan landscape took from Siena

A board showing the hiking trails around Siena 

Something interesting was happening in Siena when we were there. There were crowds of people with banners and different colored scarfs.

There're also 'road shows'??

And different colors and patterns scarfs and flags were everywhere..

Finally, we realized that the hoo ha in the town was in preparation for Il Palio, which is a horse racing event held twice a year in Siena. Riders from 17 contrades (areas) will compete in Piazza Del Campo and everyone in town will gather to celebrate. It will be held in 2 days time, so we missed the event again. -.-''

This was the scarf which showed what would happen during Il Palio

Okay, cleared the mystery of the crowds of people with scarfs and flags. It's time for the pictures of Siena Old Town.

The square in front of this Mangia Tower is Piazza Del Campo, where the Il Palio will be held. You can actually buy tickets to go up the tower but we didn't as there's some construction going on when we were there, probably in preparation for the Il Palio.

Beautiful clouds that day

Siena Duomo. If you are interested to go into the Duomo for a tour, there's ticket selling at 12 euros per head. We gave that a miss as we thought it was quite expensive.

The walls of Siena Old Town

Oh, after walking out of Siena Old Town, we found a super long stretch of escalators that lead to a shopping mart and the Siena train station. I guess that brings a lot of convenience to people who arrive at Siena by train. They just need to take the stretch of escalators and ta-da, reach the outside of Siena old town.

That pretty much sums up what we saw and did in Siena.. ^-^

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