Tuesday, 2 April 2013


We spent the Good Friday and Easter Monday weekend at Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France!

We drove around 2.5 hours to reach Les Bosson where our hotel was. After checking in, we drove 15 minutes to Chamonix. We took the Train Du Montenvers - Mer De Glace to the bottom of France largest glacier, Mer De Glace. But the cable car to the glacier was closed. We were quite disappointed that we didn't have the chance to tour the glacier.

Even though it was foggy, it's still beautiful and scenic. The scenery portrayed a different feel under the fog.

Le Montenvers, standing at 1913m

So foggy, it gave a mysterious feel.

Snowy white mountains with fogs, love the beauty of nature.

A small Glacier museum which describe how glaciers were formed through documentaries.

Mer De Glace was closed :'(

The train back to Chamonix town..

After Mer De Glace, we proceed to another part of Chamonix, L'Aiguille Du Mini. Over here, we took a cable car up the mountains.

L'Aiguille Du Mini cable car station

In the packed cable car..

Woah!! The cable car was going up at such a steep angle!

Finally, at the top.. There's low-lying clouds that day, and the clouds and mountains were combined.. It's a spectacular view..

A restaurant at this height..

We were up there for only half an hour because it was too cold and the air was too thin. I felt a bit giddy when I walked too fast or climbed some stairs. But it was definitely worth the ride up as the scenery was awesome!

Going down in the cable car. Woah! So steep..

There's no restaurant that I would rave about because we didn't really eat any nice food which was worth mentioning. In fact, we didn't have any good experience with the service of the restaurants that we went. One of the feeling we got was favouritism, or racist. We saw the waiter speaking nicely and was attentive to the table beside us (they were Caucasians), but he was rude to us and ignored us most of the time (we were Asians). On other occasions, it's thumbs down for their service. It's either they had the annoyed look on their face or they didn't even bother to acknowledged that they had taken down what you ordered. We had expected this kind of service because our friends who had been to France had already warned us before. But we still felt unhappy about it, and that did spoil our holiday a little. I really felt great when I was back in Italy because Italians are far more friendly and the service we got at Italy so far was either okay or way better than we had expected!

On the last day before we leave, we took some photos with great views around our hotel..

On our way back to Italy, we passed by this tunnel, Tunnel Du Mont Blanc. It's a road tunnel in the Alps under Mont Blanc mountain. It's 11.6 km long, and is one of the longest tunnel we have ever traveled.
In the tunnel

After passing through the tunnel, we stopped by at a nice little town called Saint Vincent at Valle d'Aosta in Italy. It has a casino and the views are pretty..

That evening, we had our dinner at a restaurant at Saint Vincent. The food was nice and we felt like home dining there. We appreciated their friendliness and good service even more after a few days of bad experience at France.

Romantic candlelight dinner

Grilled beef rolled on a bamboo stick with polenta below. It's special and it tasted great!

 Bolognese Tagliatelle. Simple and nice!

Grilled vegetables 

Creme Brulee with ice cream 

I forgotten the name of restaurant. Sigh.. This is really a restaurant that I would wanna recommend! :(

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