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Our Solemnisation Ceremony @ Sheraton Towers

We decided to have a separate solemnisation ceremony first as hubby and I will be going overseas for a 1-year stay before coming back to Singapore to have our traditional wedding.

First of all, we need to engage a feng shui master to select the solemnisation and wedding dates for us. After looking at the online reviews, we decided to approach Master David Tong. After emailing him our details, we met up with him and he went through the dates and briefly explained to us what are the things that we need to prepare. He told us to send him an email again 3 months before our traditional wedding, he will then let us know the auspicious date and time for Guo Da Li and An Chuang.

So after getting the solemnisation date from him, we began to search for the venue and a photographer for the event. 

The auspicious date for our solemnisation was on a Monday, hence, we were hoping to find a nice venue at a cheaper price. 

We contacted Peony Jade at Keppel Bay, Traders Hotel, Sheraton Towers Hotel, Grand Corpthorne Hotel, Hotel Fort Canning, Klapsons, the Boutique Hotel, Singapore Flyer, we even thought of having our solemnisation on a yacht. However, we only needed 4 tables as this was a family event. Some hotels do not entertain such a small number of tables, while some told us that they will just set up a partition for us. After taking into consideration, the menu, the cost, the accessibility of the venue, we decided to hold our solemnisation at Sheraton Towers!

For the photographer, we engaged Daniel Ho who was recommended by my friend. His solemnisation package includes a couple shoot album, choose one photo from the couple shoot to be laminated, 2 hours photography session and he will provide all the soft copies taken on that day.

Feline bridal allows us to use the trial make up for solemnisation, and my bridal package includes a tea dress and groom's jacket for solemnisation. However, we would have to go down to Feline for the make up and change into the dress on our solemnisation day.

After confirming our solemnisation date, time, venue, witnesses and solemnizer, we went to Singapore Registry of Marriage website and followed the instructions there to file a notice of marriage. They gave us a date and time for us to go down to collect our ROM certificate.

Last step, was to get our engagement ring, and we're ready for our solemnisation!

On 7 Jan 2013, we were so excited!! We were not given complimentary night stay at Sheraton Hotel as we have too few tables. We were given a discount though, and we booked a deluxe room. 

We checked in the hotel and at around 3 pm, hubby sent me to Feline Bridal for my make up and hairdo. 

At 630pm, we were almost ready for the ceremony!

The music begun.. We were using 'Thousand Years' as our march-in song.

After that was a series of solemnisation ceremony, signing of the ROM certificate, exchanging rings and muack muack.

After the solemnisation ceremony, the guests proceeded to the private function room while hubby and I hung around with the photographer to take some couple shoots.

 Our room number

Oh, have I mentioned, I loved the waterfall feature as the back drop for our solemnisation ceremony!

After that, it's finally dinner time!

The food served by Sheraton Towers was prepared by the award winning Li Bai restaurant. Food was delicious and our families loved it! The service was great too!


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