Saturday, 21 April 2012

Our bridal package..

My boyfriend and I saw an advertisement that there's a wedding show at Marina Square and we decided to take a look. We didn't have any intention of signing a wedding package since we had not started on our bridal shop hunt and had not consulted our friends on the price, bargains and what should be included..

So we actually know nuts about bridal shops and the packages when we went to the wedding show..

We were just about to walk nearer to the wedding show when an uncle approached us and brought us to "The Feline Bridal" booth.. Then the sales person, Sally, showed us many samples of pre-wedding photos and photos of bridal gowns.. We dun even have any idea what kind of pre-wedding photo shoots we wanted or what kind of gowns I wanted.. We were just randomly browsing the photos when Sally started telling us that she would give us a super deal..

S$3,800 bridal package includes:
- ROM bride's tea dress and groom's jacket;
- ROM bride's make up and hairdo;
- Hand bouquet and accessories for ROM;
- Pre-wedding photoshoot make-up and hairdo;
- Pre-wedding photoshoot 5 gowns for bride, 3 suits for groom;
- Pre-wedding photoshoot indoor and outdoor, 35 photos;
- Pre-wedding photoshoot album;
- One table top photo;
- One large photo frame of collage of 3 photos
- Actual day photography for 10 hours;
- Actual day make up and hairdo for day and night;
- Actual day wedding gown;
- Actual day tea dress or "kua";
- Actual day evening gown;
- Actual day a suit for the day and a suit for the night for groom;
- Actual day evening dress and suit for bride's and groom's parents;
- Actual day hand bouquet and accessories;
- Decoration for bridal car.

That sounds like a good deal since many things were included.. And I dunno what came over us, after sitting there for an hour and being psycho-ed by Sally, we signed the package using credit card to pay the S$3,800 over a 12-month installments.

We consulted our friends after that, and realised that my friends had spent a few months just to research and visit many bridal shops before deciding on a bridal package.

Their advice was that we should have paid 50% deposit and pay the remaining 50% after the bridal shop had delivered their service as we might have better bargaining power if we had not paid in full..

We also did zero research on "The Feline Bridal" reviews before we signed the package with them. I think we can only keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out well..

Okay.. So that's the problem when we signed a bridal package without doing 'homework'.. -.-'''

I'll update on their service and my experience when I start to communicate with them on my wedding preparations.

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