Friday, 6 January 2012

Hong Kong

We dun really like the experience at Hong Kong.

First of all, hotels were super expensive in Hong Kong. Maybe we chose the wrong time to go. We went during the New Year week, and we paid S$80+ per night for a super tiny guesthouse with only a bed and a super small toilet which squeeze the toilet bowl and the tiny washing basin so near to each other that I could sit on the toilet bowl and wash my hands at the same time. Needless to say, we could hardly bath. Not to mention that the toilet door in our room was spoiled.

Our miserable room

The miserable toilet.

Next, the service standard at Hong Kong was quite bad, regardless of whether it's a dim sum restaurant or cafe, or shops selling shoes, clothes etc.

Thirdly, it was as crowded or even more crowded than Singapore -.-'''

We only enjoyed the cooling weather and the food in HK. Okay, enough of the complains and lemme get to the enjoyable part.

One famous dim sum place is Tim Ho Wan, which we went there 3 times during our one week trip in HK (you can imagine how nice was it). It has a Michelin star for its char siew bao and I think it's one of the cheapest food you can get for Michelin starred restaurant. But the queue was horrible, we took a queue number and was informed to come back 3 hours later!

Entrance of  Tim Ho Wan. Dun be mislead by the emptiness outside Tim Ho Wan, it was not opened yet at this time.

After it was opened...

Finally, after 3 hours of wait: the legendary char siew bao. It's really good. The crust was crispy, while the inside was pipping hot with sweet and tasty char siew. That explained why we went 3 times when we were in HK despite the long queues.

Other than Tim Ho Wan, there's another restaurant which we heard got a Michelin star for its roast goose. And it's Yung Kee Restaurant.

The grand entrance, with no queues.

The Michelin starred roast goose..

Can you see the word formed by peanuts? That's our comment for the roast goose. Anyway, after we left the restaurant, we realised that Michelin did not award star to them anymore.. hahaha..

We also ate many food from the road side stalls. There were many such stalls in HK.

One of the HK famous food: 鸡蛋仔 (Little chicken egg). It's made of flour and it's crispy on the outside and airy in the 'little egg'. But personally, I dun find it very tasty.

This is a cafe recommended by our friends for their steamed milk pudding.

The steam milk pudding. It's smooth and delicious.

We ordered other stuff as well, macaroni soup. Tasted just okay.

There's many stalls selling claypot rice in the night markets. I am not a fan of claypot rice so it just taste okay to me.

Speaking about night markets at HK. There are 2 night markets to visit.

1. Temple Street Night Market
They sell almost everything. From clothes, to shoes, to handphone cover, accessories, electronics etc.
Address: Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
How to get there:  MTR Yau Ma Tei station, Exit C, turn onto Temple Street at Man Ming Lane. Or MTR Jordan station, Exit A, turn right onto Jordan road, then turn another right into Temple Street.

2. Ladies Market
As the name suggests, the market sells ladies stuff! Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, watches etc.
Address: Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
How to get there: MTR Mongkok station, Exit E2, walk along Nelson street for 2 blocks.

We took a tram up to The Peak on one of the days. For your information, The Symphony of Lights start daily at 8pm where 40 buildings along the Victoria Harbour will emit coloured lights, laser beams and search lights. The Peak is one of the best places to admire the light show.

Tram up to The Peak

Views from the Peak. 

Say 'I Love You' on The Peak!

The heart-shaped card to write your message.

That night, we ended up in a pub and ordered a super big glass of cocktail. The plum colored drink is the normal glass size, so you can imagine how big is the funnel shape cocktail and the alcohol content was quite strong.

Other than staying in HK, we went Macau and Shen zhen too. Nothing much to talk about in Shen Zhen except for shopping, but we didn't really buy any stuff too.

As for Macau, we tried the famous pork bun. There's long queue and we thought it would be delicious.. The taste was not bad but a bit too dry..

Talking about Macau, people will think of casinos. Yes, we went to Venetian Macau and the casino. But my boyfriend and I didn't play as we were afraid to lose money. hahahaha.

That pretty much sums up our trip to Hong Kong, Macau, Shen Zhen.

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