Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Land of Smiles~

After taking a 2 hours flight on a budget airline, we reached Bangkok. Highlight of this trip? Shopping, massage and pamper ourselves! We had massage almost everyday. You can find massage parlor on every street in Bangkok. Massage service at Bangkok is super duper cheap, I would feel sorry for myself if I didn't do it everyday. Er.. Of course, we chose those 'clean' massage parlors. Other than massage, hair treatment, manicure and pedicure are also very cheap. You can pamper yourselves like a princess when you are in Bangkok.

One of the famous attraction we went was the Four-Faced Buddha. You seldom see a Buddha statue right in the middle of the city center and in front of a hotel, but that's exactly where this Four-Faced Buddha is. Heard it was quite efficacious and hence, we went to pray. There was a huge crowd there and you can imagine how popular it is.

My first time at Bangkok - Fish therapy. I think I screamed throughout the whole therapy, it just felt funny and ticklish, I couldn't sit still the whole time.

The hairy legs are not mine. Only one of my legs is in the picture and that's the smooth and smaller one beside the hairy legs..

We purposely planned our trip over the weekend and left Bangkok on Monday because we wanted to go to the well-known Sunday Martket, Chatuchak. We heard that it's very big and they sell super cheap clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs and many other stuff. So we were prepared for a shopping spree there!

But I think we had set our expectations too high. It was very hot and sunny there, and I think the hot weather did dampen our spirits a little. No doubt the things sold were very cheap, but we couldn't find much stuff that we liked. If you are looking for fashionable clothes, dresses or shoes, this is probably not the place that you are looking for. Moreover, there's no fitting room to try the clothes or bottoms. So some tops which I bought there ended up too small or too big for me, and I had to give away when I am back in Singapore.

But it's still recommended to put Chatuchak in your itinerary as you can find cheap souvenirs here, and take a look at the famous Sunday Market in Bangkok. Who knows, since there are so many stalls selling different things, you might also find some stalls that sell things you wanted at a cheap cheap price.

Next up, the foodie we ate at Chatuchak. 

Tom Yum soup and grilled chicken with Thai chili sauce for our lunch. They tasted ok, but not fantastic. The grilled chicken was a bit too hard though.

Our dessert, coconut ice cream. This is a gem in Chatuchak. Before we left Chatuchak, we wanna had a second serving of it and searched the stall for a good 20 minutes. Thumbs up!

Some other places where we thought was better for shopping, but slightly more expensive than Chatuchak were MBK and Platinum Mall.

After shopping at the mall, we were walking aimlessly on the road when we stumbled on this roadside stall selling grilled squid. It's so yummy that we bought one stick after another. We didn't care much about hygiene issue at that moment. Hahaha..

After that, we traveled to Chinatown of Bangkok just to eat the Shark's fin and bird nest. There's a lot of Chinese restaurant there and all of the sell Shark's fin and bird's nest. The price is definitely cheaper than Singapore. But we ended up ordering other food as well and our stomach nearly exploded.

Oyster with omelette. The oysters were big and juicy..

Crayfish with vermicelli. It's nice but we had expected it to be Singapore's Thai Village Restaurant's standard. Hahaha.. I think we set the expectation too high. Opps..

Shark's fin with bean sprouts and coriander.. It's yummy!

My dessert, bird's nest..

Boyfriend's dessert, tang yuan in ginger soup

On our last night in Bangkok, we went to a sky bar @ the Dome Lebua State Tower. It's an atas place and the drinks were slightly more expensive than the bars in Singapore. But it's high up on top of the building and the view was stunning. If you are interested and would like to add the sky bar at Lebua State Tower to your itinerary, you may go to this site to find out more about it.

And finally.. All packed to go back home.. Again :(

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