Sunday, 30 May 2010

Short trip to Perth with parents

Parents wanted to go for a 5 day short trip to Perth, and I followed. We didn't do much research, didn't follow any tour. We just reached there and wander around on our own. It's kind of relax (and of course, waste time) without any itinerary to follow lol..

Nonetheless, we went to Caversham wildlife park and I think that's the main highlight of the trip. You can find information about the wildlife park here.

The koala bears were so cute! But there's a smell when you enter the house to see the Koalas 

Papa feeding the kangaroos

There were many such signs along the wildlife park to introduce to you animals and plants that you might see around the area 

Walking on the bridge to see views of Swan River

A weird shape tree with a history 

On our last day, we went to Fremantle and tried the famous fish and chips. It's delicious and the portion was big. It's worth making a trip down to Fremantle when you are in Perth. Erm.. but i didn't take any pictures at Fremantle because the memory space in my lousy phone was full! Arghhh..

So it's just a 5 day trip randomly walking around Perth and taking pictures with just my lousy phone camera. Main point for my parents to go Perth, I think is just to enjoy the cool weather. lol.

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